2014 Summer Color Trends


Pantone has represented 2014 summer color trends that has become a guide for designers and brands to create summer collections. If you want to stay on trend check out color palette for 2014 summer that include 10 bright tones.


Sensual; Hot Summer

Sensual line includes hot summer colors that will be perfectly suitable for summer lightweight fabrics. More often those shades are represented in prints and patterns.


Serene; The Blues

All shades of blue are trendy for summer. Sky blue, aquamarine, navy and many other shades and undertones are seen in 2014 summer collections.


Diaphanous; Precious Opaque

Spice up your look with precious opaque pastel tones. Pastels are the main trend of 2014 summer and they are perfect for lightweight fabrics as well as accessories.


Colourquake; This Meets That

Summer is the time of bold contrasts where bright colors are mixed and matched. Those colors come in beautiful prints as well as in embellishments.


Oasis; Pop Up Lushness

Rich tones are also included in 2014 summer color trends. Those colors are more suitable for heavy fabrics and accessories.


Summer 2014 Colors; SPINEXPO

Of-Ceremonial-Oranges Of-Cultural-Blues Of-Digital-Neutrals Of-Ecological-Greens Of-Homely-Browns Of-Natures-Yellows Of-Recreational-Chambrays Of-Romantic-Pinks

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