2014 Summer Accessories


Summer is reality and you can already plan your summer days. I hope that you have upgraded your wardrobe with summer essentials and surely haven’t forgotten about accessories. If you have stopped after this sentence and looked into your wardrobe, it means you haven’t got new accessories and you have no idea what is trendy for 2014 summer.


Modern fashion includes zillion trendy accessories that can decorate your look but there are top 1o must have accessories that every girl need to have to look more attractive and stylish. Check out this selection of 2014 summer accessories, find them in stores and wear them with your beautiful summer clothing,

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

One of the most provocative and fashionable accessories is cat-eye sunglasses that is getting more and more popular. Surely it cannot be worn with sporty outfit and you should combine with glamorous styles like mini dresses and skirts with prints.


Mirrored Sunglesses

Next hot trend for 2014 summer is mirrored sunglasses that come in different styles but all of them are fantastic. Pick the best color and style of sunglasses that will be suitable for your face shape.



Handbag has very special place when it comes to fashion. For 2014 summer you can pick the boldest styles of handbags and clutches. Few words about clutches. As summer is full of colors do not afraid of experimenting with mixed colors and pick clutch in bright tones and embellishments.


Floral Prints

Floral print is A trend of 2014 summer and it is seen on everything from dresses to accessories, shoes and handbags. All styles of floral prints will be trendy and you can even match two pieces with floral prints.


Four-Finger Rings

Do you love rings? This summer you have a chance to wear them all. What does it mean? It means you can wear rings on four fingers. It can be a thin ring for elegant look or quite massive rings for greater impact.

10_must_have_fashion_accessories_for_summer_2014_four_finger_rings (1)

Fringed Handbags

Fringes are very popular this summer. They are seen on swimsuits, dresses and blouses but the trend that is included in this list is fringed handbag that looks very stylish.


Massive Accessories

If you are the lover of bohemian style you should definitely have collection of massive accessories like golden and bronze rings, bracelets and necklaces.


Pastel Colors

Last trend to be represented is pastel colors that are perfect for virtually any detail be it clothing, handbag, nail polish or shoes. You can even go bolder and wear pastel hair color but this is completely other topic to be discussed.


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