2014 Summer Accessories; How to Choose the Best


For stylish and attractive summer style you will need lightweight dress in bright tones and prints or sexy top with shorts, comfy sandals or flats, sunglasses and course accessories. Summer 2014 accessory trends are quite versatile but knowing the trends is only half job, you should learn how to pick accessory for outfit.


Accessory is the aspect where you are completely free; I mean you can surely keep in touch with changes in fashion trends but it will be better if you find your own style. Even if you have chosen the most luxurious and expensive designer accessory it won’t look stylish if it is not suitable for outfit and personality. 

The size of accessory is also very important. 2014 summer trends offer to choose massive and eye catching accessories like necklaces and bracelets. Still big accessory is capricious and it will not be suitable for petite figure.


Accessory is the best way to decorate monotone clothing. It attracts more attention than dress so you should pay more attention on choosing proper accessory especially for special occasions. For instance, little black dress looks simple but as soon as you complete it with golden accessory like bracelet or necklace it will totally change its look.

One of the main mistakes that women do is wearing accessory sets. Such style will look boring (surely there are exceptions) while mixed styles will make a style statement.

Another misconception is that expensive jewelry cannot be mixed with bijou. If you are able to match really special and stylish bijou with jewelry it will surely look gorgeous.




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