2014 Fashion Trends; How to Wear Sapphire Blue


One of the popular colors of 2014 summer is sapphire blue that is chosen for garments and accessories. Like any other color you should know how to wear sapphire blue and how to combine it with other shades.


Before talking about styles and combos let’s say that this color is a bit capricious and you should take into consideration your skin tone. For blondes with pale and porcelain skin can choose sapphire blue as the color for bottoms like skirts and pants while brunettes can go for bolder designs and wear sapphire blue dresses and blouses. 

Sapphire blue is new black because it can create the hottest image. Sapphire blue dress will look as sexy and attractive as black dress. Moreover, blue is more suitable for spring and summer than black. The best combination is sapphire blue and black but blue and white will also look gorgeous.


Sapphire blue can be chosen for any kind of clothing and fabrics. Blue cashmere coats, jackets and trench look elegant in sapphire blue. Such styles of outerwear can be combined with brighter shades of scarves and kerchiefs. For bottom you can choose jeans or pants in light tones.

Blouses, skirts and dresses in sapphire blue can be chosen for both casual and special occasions. For office outfit you can go for minimalistic style combined while tip toe shoes while for special occasions like night outs and dates you can choose beautiful sapphire dress with floral prints completed with heels and accessories.




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