10 Helpful Hair Extensions Tips and Tricks


Using extensions is the best way to transform your hair into something you’ve always wanted. These beauty enhancements can change your appearance instantly, adding length, volume, and thickness to your hair. Having long and voluminous hair also allows you to wear different hairstyles on different occasions.

But making the most of hair extensions requires some practice, experience, and knowledge. The good news is that there are plenty of hacks and tricks that can help you use hair extensions like a pro while saving time and money. Try out these hair extension tips and tricks to achieve your hair goals.

Hair Extensions Applied for Volume Rather Than Length

#1: Treat Your Extensions with Soft, Gentle Products

Hair extensions come pre-treated with chemicals. Therefore, it’s not a good idea to use harsh chemicals on the wefts. Products like alcohol- and sulphate-based shampoos and conditioners can damage your extensions.

Be sure to always treat your wefts with gentle and soft products. Also, avoid blow-drying your wefts, because excess heat can dry them out, as they don’t receive the natural oils from your scalp. If you don’t have time to air-dry the extensions after a wash, you could use a blow dryer set at the lowest temperature in a pinch.

How to Wash Hair Extensions

#2: Tuck in Short Hair Before Applying the Wefts

If your hair is short, you may experience a hard time with extensions because the hair strands will keep poking out. Luckily, one easy hack will help you cope with this nuisance. Before putting in your extensions, braid and tuck the lower layer of your hair where hair is the shortest to ensure the strands don’t show:

  • Gather your hair at the nape of your neck and make an upward braid ;
  • Braid a traditional braid and secure it in a flat position with bobby pins.

Now, you can start installing the hair extensions where you tucked the braid, making your way down toward the nape for a refined look. The braid will also provide support if you’re wearing clip-in hair extensions.

Short to Long Hair Transformation

#3: Tease Hair Roots for Added Support

Thin hair can be a challenge for most women, but it shouldn’t stop you from trying your favorite hairstyles. A simple hack and good-quality hair extensions can allow you to style your thin hair into a chic look of your choice.

Start off by using a teasing comb to ruffle your hair’s root before applying the wefts. Doing so will conceal the clips, elastics, or tapes on your extensions. The best part: you’ll get fuller, beautiful hair that you can create into your preferred style without stressing about your thin hair.

It’s a good idea to spray dry shampoo on your natural hair and extensions. This ensures that the teasing doesn’t pull your hair, and the wefts easily detangle when you take them off or want to try a different hairstyle.

#4: Try Diagonal Clipping for a Layered Hairstyle

For those with short or thin hair, getting a layered hairstyle might seem counterintuitive. But do you know that you too can pull off layered hairstyles by using high-quality human hair extensions?

The trick here is to apply your extensions upside down! Start by teasing your front hair and set a few wefts on your upper head for a refined look. Then make your way downwards and fix the remaining extensions diagonally. This works best if your hair strands are of the same length.

The upside-down installation technique will also help cover any areas of thinning hair (if any), allowing you to wear wavy or layered hairstyles without altering the extensions’ length.

Long Layered Platinum Blonde Hairstyle


#5: Stack Your Extensions for More Volume

Anyone with a small head can understand the challenge of blending the hair extensions with their natural hair. One trick to achieve a natural-looking blend is by stacking two of the wefts together. Doing so adds enough volume to your hair without taking up much space.

The stacking hack also allows you to wear different hairstyles even if you have thin hair. It also cuts down the extensions’ installation time. Just make sure not to stack more than two wefts together because they might be too weighty for your thin hair to bear.

Hair Extensions Applied for Volume Rather Than Length

Instagram / @CINA

#6: Pre-Style Your Extensions

Styling the wefts when they’re on your head can stress your natural hair’s roots, leading to hair damage. It can also give your extensions a rough look. For these reasons, it is good to pre-style your hair extensions before putting them on.

No matter if you’re straightening your extensions or trying to add some lovely bouncy curls, make sure to put them on a hanger and then style them into your preferred look. Once done, you can apply the extensions to your hair and look beautiful instantly.

#7: Give Your Wefts a Regular Wash but Don’t Overdo

Product build-up, sweat, dirt, grime, and oils can make hair extensions dull, messy, smelly, and sticky. As such, it makes sense to wash your extensions. But how frequently should you wash your hair extensions?

A useful rule of thumb is to wash the wefts after every 13 to 18 wears. Alternatively, you could look for signs of product build-up or just determine if they need a wash from their look. And as stated above, make sure to use alcohol-free and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to prolong the life of your extensions and retain their smooth feel and look.

#8: Store Your Extensions in a Clean, Dry Place

Wearing your extensions properly is essential, but storing them correctly is equally important. Proper storage not only extends the life of the wefts, but it can also retain their beauty and natural texture and appearance.

So, instead of throwing them wherever you want, use a designated, clean, and dry place like a drawer or hanger to store your extensions. Doing so will also keep them tangle-free and allow you to reapply and style them quickly.

#9: Avoid Extensive Heating

Whether you’re wearing clip in, tape or other types of hair extensions, it is not a good idea to regularly treat them with heat tools. Sure, you might be tempted to try beachy waves or dead-straight locks with your wefts. But going overboard with heat tools can cause irreversible damage to the wefts. It can ruin their texture and silkiness, besides reducing their lifespan.

You can use styling and heat tools occasionally, but even then, you must keep the temperature at a minimum. Also, apply a heat protectant to the extensions before using a styling tool. Remy clip-in hair extensions can endure heat better than their synthetic counterparts, but they’re not fully heat resistant and require caution.Summer Beach Waves with Hair Extensions


#10: Choose the Right Brush

Your regular brush or comb can pull at the roots of your extensions, resulting in the hair strands falling out. As such, you should consider getting a brush made specifically for hair extensions, such as loop brush, detangling brush, or wig brush. These brushes are designed to prevent pulling or snagging the wefts.Woman Brushing Hair with Extensions


A few years ago, extensions were considered to be only for women with thin hair or those who wanted a more dramatic change. Today, hair extensions have gone mainstream, so much so that they’re a must-have for most women.

by Ava Broadbridge


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