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2015 Summer Fashion; Backless Dresses

Newest fashion trends include luxurious and unique dresses for real fashionistas. For this summer designers represented new examples of backless dresses that have greater impact than bold décolleté. For 2015 summer several brands presented backless dresses so if you love such impressive images you can learn how to wear backless dress and how to choose perfect style.

2015 Summer Fashion; Backless Dresses

The first problem that you can face when choosing backless dress is underwear. Depending on the style of dress you can choose bra with low clasp or the one going around the neck. The best option is silicone bra that will support breast with any additional details. Surely such bra is not suitable for big and medium size breasts. There are some styles of dresses that can be worn without bra or with nipple covers but make sure you will not look too provocative or vulgar.

2015 Fashion Trend; Folk Fashion

2015 fashion trends are versatile; they have different inspirations and influences and this is great because you will have a chance to experiment with different images and styles. One of the most fascinating and interesting trends of new season is folk fashion.

2015 Fashion Trend; Folk Fashion

Folk Fashion that was popular in ’60s made a huge comeback this year. Just like ethnic fashion with specific prints folk fashion has unique distinguishing details that make those styles really amazing. Yves Saint Laurent was the first who used folk styles for his collection and today this is one of the most popular trends of new season.

2015 Fashion; How to Wear Pencil Skirt

A woman looks really feminine and attractive only wearing a skirt or dress that’s why every woman should at least one skirt and dress in wardrobe. There are numerous styles of skirts and all of them are surely beautiful but the best one that is eternal and will never go out of the fashion is pencil skirt. It is perfect for office outfit or formal dinners as well as for romantic dates and night outs. Let’s find out how to wear a pencil skirt and how to match it with accessories.

2015 Fashion; How to Wear Pencil Skirt

First thing that comes to my mind when seeing pencil skirt is a beautiful woman with pencil skirt, white shirt and high heels walking graciously in office. Having strict dress code doesn’t mean that office workers should lose femininity. Pencil skirt and shirt can also be completed with longer jacket and classy handbag.

How to Choose Shoes

All women are shoe addicted. It is like a real addiction; you cannot go by a store where there are so many luxurious shoes. Sometimes it ends up with a whole closet of shoes. It seems that it is great to have such a big collection of shows but when it comes to choosing suitable shoes for your outfit it may be really hard. Here is a short guideline that will help you to learn how to choose shoes for outfit.

How to Choose Shoes

As you know all details of outfit should be in harmony. Surely you can go for experiments but if you are not sure you’d better stay away from experiments and get style ideas from designers. Keep in mind those rules and you will always look stylish.

2015 Fall Trends; Leather Pants

Leather pants are the part of lady vamp’s image; it looks sexy and stylish. Moreover, black leather pants can make you look slimmer and taller. This is great because you can get stylish look and at the same time hide little faults.

Leather pants have always been trendy and for this fall too leather pants are the part of 2015 fall/winter fashion trends. If you always stay in touch with the latest changes in fashion history, you just need to know about leather pants and learn some rules on how to match leather pants with other garments.


Before talking about combos let’s talk about stylish designs of leather pants that you can choose. The most popular one is surely skinny leather pants that accentuate figure, make legs look thinner and longer. For classy look you can choose straight cut leather pants. If you like to complete your funky street look you can choose cropped leather pants.

2015 Summer Best Makeup Looks

Summer is the time of night outs and parties and proper makeup is a must. It is much harder to have flawless look on hot weather because makeup melts and you will need touch ups. Here are some tricks for summer and best makeup looks 2015 that will inspire you.


The first thing to be said about summer makeup is that it should be natural with minimal makeup products. If you have skin imperfections you can use concealer and light foundation that will make your skin breathe. Such natural look is suitable for daytime while for nightouts you can go for bolder looks with darker colors.

How to Choose Shoes

All women are shoe addicted; some are less the others more but every woman dreams of having a whole shelf of shoes. There are so many luxurious shoes that will make your heart beat faster but sometimes such variety can confuse especially if you do not know how to choose proper shoes for you.


Choosing shoes begins with shopping. For shoes you’d better go for shopping in the afternoon; in the morning your feet are rested and you can try on tight shoes without feeling discomfort while in the afternoon your feet are a bit tired and you will be able to choose shoes that are comfortable and perfectly fitting.

7 Must Have Things for Summer

2014 summer sales have begun and women rush the stores like crazy to buy all the things they wanted but couldn’t afford. More often in such a mass women buy unnecessary things that are soon hidden in a closet and forgotten. In order to stay away from such expenditures you should first of all decide what you really need. Here is a list of 7 must have things for summer.


The hit of this summer is two piece printed garments like top and shorts that can be matched with other pieces. Go for bright prints in order to stay away from boring and monotone look. Do not go for massive accessories while wearing bright prints.

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