2015 fashion trends

Calzedonia Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

So that’s what Calzedonia suggests doing once more, presenting the flabbergasting Calzedonia spring/summer 2015 collection. This line encompasses the typical vibes we’ve seen with the Italian brand’s collections previously, and a very curiously put inclination towards the modernized classy. Offering a huge diversity of options, it encompasses the most eye-catching and creative looks one can ever imagine when thinking about a hosiery line.

Calzedonia Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

From the play pairs of sporty and casual looks with denim pieces to suggestions for the classy and chic party looks, all the best is here in the Calzedonia spring/summer 2015 collection.The beautiful model presenting this collection is American bombshell Emily DiDonato, who manages to present all the best and most attractive sides of the pieces handed in to our attention this time.

2015 Fall Runway Trends (part 1)

Latest fashion shows set trends for 2015 fall and winter. Some of popular designer houses and brands represented new collections and we can now find out all trends in fashion industry.

50’s Retro Fashion

Retro influence is still strong and it is obvious that this trend is getting more and more popular. For spring and summer we have already seen all collections and designs with retro influence now it is time to check out fall collections with 50’s retro details.

Prada, Rochas.

2015 Fall Runway Trends (part 1)

60’s Retro Fashion

Continuing the topic of retro collections let’s check out another line of fall 2015 pieces with strong influence of 1960’s fashion.

2015 Fall Hairstyles Trends

We have already talked about main trends of 2015 fall, accessory and handbag trends, now it is high time to find out what hairstyles designers have represented on the latest fashion shows and at last find out 2015 fall hairstyles trends. 

2015 Fall Hairstyles Trends

Side Swept Hairstyles

Side swept up-dos and loose hairstyles are still trendy. There were highly popular last season and for 2015 fall too side swept styles are optional.

2015 Summer Trends; Office Outfit

Though summer is the time of parties and holidays we still have to work. It is much easier to choose office outfit for spring, fall and winter but hot weather limits you in options and you should know some rules how to dress up for office. Here are several looks from the latest fashion shows that have set trends for 2015 summer.



Waistcoat is one of the most optional and popular styles for this summer. Elongated forms can be combined with tight fitting pants. For summer you can choose subtle tones and combos. After all let’s not forget that we are talking about office outfit.

Gangsta Style Fashion Trend 2015

2015 fashion trends are really impressive and diverse; collection includes unimaginable styles and innovations that will never make you get bored. You will have a chance to experiment with different images and in the end find the best one for you. Gangsta style is another creative and cool trend in 2015 fashion.

Gangsta Style Fashion Trend 2015

Gangsta style has several interpretations; classy details for classy gangsta look and more relaxed styles for street style. Both styles have strong masculine inspiration so if you don’t like masculine style you’d better stay away from gangsta style and try another look that is trendy. 

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