Summer Fashion 2017 Trends

 Summer Fashion 2017 Trends.It’s August and this post would have been more appropriate in June considering summer begins then. Regardless the fact that blogging sometimes can prove more of a challenge than a blogger might think, here is Summer Fashion 2017 Trends

Calzedonia Leggings Collection Trend for Spring Summer 2017

Calzedonia Leggings Collection Trend for Spring Summer 2017Calzedonia Leggings Collection Trend for Spring Summer 2017 The Calzedonia leggings collection 2016 2017 rich garments beautiful and very feminine, the brand offers us a sparkling and versatile line in which every woman can find something cute and chic to take home.calzedonia-leggings-collection-trend-for-spring-summer-2017-1


FALL-WINTER  2016-2017 STREET STYLE TRENDS.I think it’s the right time to observe  Fall-Winter street style trends and choose your favorites. The thing about street style trends and fashion trends, is the difference, what allows us to wear what really suits us and makes us feel comfortable. Personally, I love to look through latest fashions and pick out something for my busy social life. It feels like being fashionista, as I love to wear something offbeat, like native American design looks mixing them with sporty touches, like kicks.fall-winter-2016-2017street-style-trends-18

Women’s Blouses Trends Spring 2017

Women’s Blouses Trends Spring 2017.Simple and stylish blouses are a mandatory part of the festive women’s wardrobe. They continue to belong to these pieces of clothing, where no compromises can be made with the quality. Do you have at least two such in your wardrobe? If not, then it is time to make up for this deficit.womens-blouses-trends-spring-2017-9

Stylish Outifs Winter 2017

Stylish Outifs Winter 2017.Culottes are voluminous short pants that are most often worn during the spring time, but they can be worn in winter too. So, since there is one more month left until the spring, we would like to get you inspired of how to style  culottes this winter.stylish-outifs-winter-2017-1

Stylish Outfits 2017

Stylish Outfits 2017.The sunny days will soon be gone, and you will need to bring in your warmer clothes. This includes having a piece of outerwear too, which was not really the case for the summer time. So, there are many of them that you can wear during the fall, but one of the must-haves is definitely the trench coat. So, today, we would like to show you several Stylish Outfits 2017.stylish-outfits-2017-8

Bomber Jacket 2017 Trends

Bomber Jacket 2017 Trends.Fall is finally here, which means the most exciting time of year is here: jacket season. This season’s hottest jacket trend is the bomber jacket.The first thing I like about this trend is that it easily lends itself to all varieties of budgets and fashion preferences. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get on board with this trend, and you can either pick a trendy statement piece or a more subtle option that will be a wardrobe staple. The second thing I like about this kind of jacket is that it can be very versatile. It’s perfect for almost different occasions – especially for events that don’t require formal and conservative dress code.bomber-jacket-2017-trends-4

Outfits 2016

Call it a long vest, name it a Gilet, call it a sleeveless coat outfit 2016 whatever you call it, the menswear-inspired Fall outerwear piece is the perfect piece to add to your work clothes for transitioning to fall and well into the fall season (especially in that changeable early fall weather, when it’s not quite hot, not sweater weather yet, but you need to step it up and wear something in season and rock some fall fashion trends). It’s polished enough to take you to an important meeting at work and cool enough to wear over an outfit for after-work cocktails. This sleeveless coat outfit 2016 is an essential addition to your wardrobe. Its longline silhouette is wonderful flattering and will elongate your torso we love how it can instantly put in a layer of polish to your collection!

Outfits 2016

Haircuts 2016 Mens Hairstyles