WOMEN’S WATCHES 2017 TRENDS.Women’s watch is not just a device that shows the time, and not only accessories that adds fashion look. Fashion watches are very important accessory in the wardrobe of every woman, as important as clothes and shoes. With help of a watch, modern woman shows her style. Therefore, choice of such an important accessory should be made carefully and slowly.WOMEN’S WATCHES 2017 TRENDS


JEWELRY TRENDS IN WINTER 2016-2017.It’s not secret, most of us dress for the weather. No matter what stylists say, but we always choose comfort and functionality as the main factors. No one wants to get cold, right? So, when the temperature drops we all bundle up. Sure, we all want to save our style, but sometimes it seems hard to be done. Today I decided to make this post and talk about winter jewelry and how to wear in in cold days. I have picked my favorite street style images to show you my favorite ways on how to wear fine jewelry this winter. Read on to fin out

Smart Designs Jewelry 2016

Smart Designs Jewelry 2016.Each lady know exactly what suits her, ranging from clothing, jewelry and the jewelry, to complete her view. And it has a long talk about the basic rules for the selection of appropriate dresses for your body shape; therefore, we decided to dedicate this space to give you basic tips for choosing the right ring of the right hand.

Smart Designs Jewelry 2016


JEWELRY TRENDS 2016.Today, fashion designers offer a wide range of jewelry, which differ in style, materials and design.And today we will talk about what jewelry will be popular in 2016, as well as discuss the mast have season!Times when the pendants were behind modern fashion has passed. Today, they are very popular. Jewelers around the world seek to guess the desires of women, creating unimaginable creation. This year, the relevant unusual pendant that shocking, shocking and even shudders. This skull, birds, bones and so on. However, classic pendants in trend. Designers recommend wearing them on a thin chain.

2015 Primetime Emmy Awards Celebrity Looks

Emmy Awards is another great occasion for celebs to show off their luxurious dresses and jewelry. 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards were all about elegant evening gowns and inspirational images. Some celebrity looks will be discussed over and over again and may be they will even stay in fashion history as style icons.


Lizzy Calpan

First celebrity look to be mentioned is Lizzy Caplan and her amazing black and white gown by Donna Karan Atelier that beautifully opened her back and accentuated her neck. 

2015 Jewelry Trends

We have already talked about accessory trends where labels and designer houses represented some noteworthy pieces for 2014 fall. The list included some jewelry designs but let’s discuss the best jewelry trends for 2015 fall.


Floral Necklaces

Floral details are of great popularity this year. Designers used floral prints and floral embellishments for garments. For jewelry designers presented massive floral necklaces with colorful stones.

2014 Fall Accessory Trends

We are continuing our investigation through runway shows in search for 2014 fall trends and at this time we are going to talk about 2014 fall accessory trends. All the above represented images are offered by fashion giants and popular brands.


Massive Jewelry

The first thing that catches attention in 2014 fall trends is massive and oversized jewelry and it concerns to necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Metallic accents are combined with studs and heavy embellishments and they look really impressive with designer clothing.

Chanel 2014 Fall Shoes & Handbags Collection

Chanel handbags and shoes surely have unique place in fashion industry. Why only shoes and handbags? We are now going to check out Chanel 2014 fall shoes and handbags collection that is an amazing addition to Chanel 2014/2015 fall and winter collection.


If you have already seen Chanel 2014/2014 fall and winter collection you probably remember those bright printed garments, textured and detailed pieces that were represented in the most exciting and unimaginable way. Shoes and handbags collection has similar conception and the first thing that catches attention is bright colors. Both shoes and handbags are made in contrastive shades that definitely look smashing on cool weather.

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